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Authentic Historic Reproduction Clothing & Sewing Patterns

by April C Thomas

We endeavor to make as much information available to you, our customers.

Please read these & our Terms of Sale listed on the Contact Us page.

Q:  Do you ship worldwide?  Who do you use to ship?

A:  We ship within the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.  

Sorry, we don’t offer shipping to any other countries at this time.

Please see our Contact Us page for more details on shipping.

We use US Priority Mail or other United States Postal services.

Q:   Who makes the clothing sold on this website?

A:   All of the clothing on this website is made by the Proprietress, owner & Fashion Design Graduate, April C Thomas. April is a one-woman-show. No other seamstresses are used in the production of these garments. We aim to make as much of what we sell as possible. Items like hat blanks, stockings and other speciality items are supplied to us from other, USA based businesses.

Q:  What patterns are used to make the clothing?

A:  As a Fashion Design Graduate, all of the patterns I use have been developed over many years of viewing extant garments in Museums, collecting antique garments, and studying research materials in order to develop patterns that are truly authentic in cut but are sized and graded to fit the modern body.  Because of this, many of the garments and accessories we make are exclusive to us, and cannot be found elsewhere. We also sell many of our sewing patterns, please see the Patterns Page to see what’s available.

Q:  Do you Make Custom Clothing? Can you make something that I don’t see on the website, or reproduce a movie costume, etc.?

A:  We do take on a small amount of Custom clothing orders each year, but booking is very limited and usually comes with a long wait. If there is something you need, please email us and ask.  We can do movies costumes, but we prefer to make “Museum Reproductions” based on original pieces of a specific period.  We can, for instance, make a reproduction of a specific garment in a collection, painting or period image that can be used for display or worn.

Q:  Do you make clothing from time periods other than the 18th & 19th century?

A: Yes, but those are the time period’s for which I  have the most knowledge and experience.

Q:  Have you made clothing for anything on TV, or in the Movies?

A:  Our clothing is often commissioned by or purchased ready-made for Film & TV productions including: Sleepy Hollow (Fox) , American Experience, History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, John Adams (HBO)...just to name a few. We also have supplied clothing for places such as Mount Vernon: The Home of George Washington and sites all over the USA, Canada and Great Britain.  We also have supplied the Metropolitan Opera, Opera Australia, and many museums have purchased items to use in their Exhibitions.

Q:  Do you have a studio or Shop?  Can I see the items in Person?

A:  No, we are purely a web-shop and our studio is not open to the public. However, we do attend several shows & Events each year where you can see us and our items in person. Please see our Event Schedule Here!

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