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Authentic Historic Reproduction Clothing & Sewing Patterns

by April C Thomas

Fashions Revisited is a small business offering  Authentic Historic Reproduction Clothing and Sewing Patterns and is the creation of April C Thomas.

A Fashion Design graduate, April C Thomas is the sole creator & Designer of the garments and patterns sold on this website. All of the items are made in her Pennsylvania studio.  

April has spent over 20 years studying period clothing in Museum & Private collections, attending seminars,  as well as collecting period pieces herself in order to create authentic period clothing  and patterns. Each garment and pattern is meticulously researched to be as authentic as possible.

Countless hours are spent on research, and many more actually viewing original Extant garments in  museum & private collections around the world, primarily in the United Kingdom & the USA.  

Her clothing has been used in & commissioned for period Films, TV, Theater, Living History, Reenactors, Weddings & more. These included PBS, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Mount Vernon:Home of George Washington and others.

April Herself has even appeared on Food TV’s “The Best of”.

April has worked in Living History since 1997 and offers classes in Hearth Cooking, Period clothing, and sewing workshops on a variety of subjects. Please see the workshops page for more information.

About Fashions Revisited

Owner,  April C Thomas

Below: Images from Food TV's  “The Best Of” Used with gracious Permission.

Our Mission:  To provide authentic, wearable period clothing made by hand to high standards and finished with care & attention to detail.  -April C Thomas

We are a small business, proudly based in the USA.

Thank you for your support!